Factory laboratory

Central factory laboratory (CFL) – is an independent department of «Kuznetskie Metal Constructions». Its status and administrative subordination provide independence and objectiveness of testing results, control and analysis.

Competence of Central factory laboratory is confirmed by Certificate No. 50/07 and No. 74A680124 State Committee of Russian Federation on Metrology, Standardization and Certification and System of Industrial Safety Examination of Rostekhnadzor (Russian Technical Supervisory Authority).

CFL includes the following laboratories:

  • — materials testing laboratory
  • — chemical analysis laboratory
  • — nondestructive inspection laboratory

CFL controls steel and basic structures, rolled metal products, and welding materials on the following factors:

In CFL operates documented quality system corresponding the field of activity, specificity of implemented works and the requirements of GOST R ISO / IEC 17025-2000 and PB 03-372-00.

CFL Personnel consists of specialists with higher education and secondary technical education. All employees are trained on the training courses in accordance with the requirements for work performed.

The entire staff of CFL is certified in the prescribed order to the appropriate certification centers: CFL inspectors are certified on II qualification level on VIC, UT, RC, PT on controlling of objects (equipment) 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 in compliance with Safety Regulations 03-440-02.

Constant increase of personnel qualification is a prior direction in work of CFL that allows to carry out testings, analyses, non-destructive control on a high level of required complicity and authenticity.

Action of CFL is aimed on carrying out of testes, chemical analyses and non-destructive control in compliance with established methods and on level that meets requirements and expectations of consumer.

«Kuznetskie Metal Constructions», LLC has all the Certificates necessary for manufacturing processes.