Bridge cranes

Our customers are industry-leading companies in their manufacturing sectors: JSC ZSMK (West Siberian Matallurgical Works), Konecranes (Finland), JSC «Russian Railways» (Russia), JSC «MMK» (Russia). Our company produces various kinds of cranes, from standard to process cranes.

Standard cranes: top-running bridge cranes and underhung crane.

Process cranes: grab bucket and container cranes, trestle and semi-trestle cranes, casting cranes, electrode-handling cranes, magnetic and slab cranes, claw cranes with lifting capacity up to 400 tonnes and bay up to 50 meters, both in normal and explosionproof mode.


Manufacturing of steel structures:

Manufacturing of bay beams, strongback, end beams, maintenance bays and etc., is made on the enterprise, and furnishing (completing with crab, chute, electrical equipment) is made by foreign crane manufacturers such as Demag Cranes&Components (Germany), JSC «Konecranes» (Finnland), LLC «NKM NOELL» (Germany), and Russian manufactures: JSC «Bureya-cran», JSC «OMZ-cran»

Cranes' steel structures can be transported in two ways:

By means of railway flatcars.

Transportation of bay beam of slab crane with lifting capacity 85 tones, the length of the beam is 34,5 meters, weight 47 tones.

By means of automobile transportation.

Transportation of bay beam of casting crane with lifting capacity 300/125 tones, the length of the beam is 20 meters, weight 40 tones.

Steel structures we produce meet all the requirements of Russian standards. KM has all the certificates nesessary for manufacturing process.

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