Welded H-Beams

Kuznetskie Steel Structures Plant (LLC «Kuznetskie Metal Constructions») produces welded I-sections from 350 mm to 1200 mm height, from 40B (SH) to 100B (SH) (B – for flanged beams or I-sections; SH – for wide-flanged beams or H-sections). Beams are produced of any length up to 12 meters.

Technical specifications TU 0925-003-46317601-2007 developed by Central Research Institute of Construction and Design named in honor of Melnikov allows to reduce metal consumption saving strength characteristics of the beam (see example in Table).

Profile GOST 26020-83 STO ASCHM 20-93 TU 0925-003-46317601-2007
60SH1 145 139 133,1
70SH1 174 169 160,5
100SH1 - 232 215,7

Welded beam equally substitutes hot-rolled beam, which producing is limited nowadays.

On customer's request the packing up of delivery batch of beams with different lenth and different nominal size is possible.

Each type of production manufactured by LLC «KM» including welded beam has its sufficient certificate.

Producing capacity is 1500 tonnes per month.



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