Welded sheet piles

Welded sheet piling

(rolled-and-welded trough-shaped piles)

Piles are designed for retaining walls, engineering facilities of different purposes, including harbour and hydraulic installations.

Using sheet piles allows you to achieve effective technical solutions:

constructions of berthing facilities in sea and river ports;

walls of dry docks and chambers;

bank-protecting walls on rivers and water reservoirs;

fencing of artificial islands while building of bridge abutments;

walls of tunnels and other underground constructions erected by means of openworking;

temporary fencing of foundation pit.

When carrying such works, highly qualified, economical and easily producible rolled-and-welded trough-shaped piles are always needed.

Assortment of sheet piles contains 44 nominal sizes and allows to design walls with moment resistance from 1870 to 5170 cm3/m.

Sheet piles are produced on base of «Larssen sheet pile-4», «Larssen sheet pile-5», «Larssen sheet pile-7» and pile «L5-UM» by means of welding of locking parts to both sides of inserted part of flat bar as per GOST 82 which are made by means of cutting hot-rolled trough-shaped pile such as «Larsen-4», «Larsen-5», «Larsen-7» and «L5-UM»along its longitudinal axle.

Preferable exact cut length of sheep pile varies from 4 to 24 meters.

Specialists of LLC «Kuznetsk Metal Constuction» in cooperation with leading sectoral research institute of transport construction OJSC «SIBRECHPROECT» have developed, patented and launched in manufacturing construction of rolled-and-welded trough-shaped sheet piles.

All welded seams are solid along all the length and are made with full penetration of the base metal, followed by ultrasonic control.

Our enterprise can produce either ordinary sheet piles or rotatory ones (+B) for specified angle of the wall. Our company can also manufacture constructions by customer's individual project solutions for piles' design with webs and flanges of various thickness. Characteristics for all parametric row of rolled-and-welded trough-shaped sheet piles are given in Technical Specifications 0925-002-46317601-2007.

Each shipment of sheet pile is accompanied by Quality Certificate. Production is delivered by either railway transporting or automobile transportation. At customer's request sheet piles are prepared with shot-blasting cleaning of surface and subsequently covered with anticorrocion coating.

Comparative analysis of sheet piles: rolled-and-welded through-shaped piles, Larsen-5UM and Kurgansk rolled-and-welded piles:

Profile as per assortment W, см3 Rate consumption of steel per 1 sq.m. of wall, kg2 Percentage ratio for metal consumption, % Percentage consumption of labour input for pile's penetration, % Total percentage of the price, %
Larsen-5UM (base) 3520 225,5 116,1% 200% 216,1%
Rolled-and-welded trough-shaped piles 3670 194,3 100,0% 100% 100,0%
Rolled sheet piles 3750 224,1 115,3% 100% 115,3%

Except data given in the table, rolled-and-welded trough-shaped sheet piles manufactured by our plant provide the following advantages:


— advantages of the offered sheet piles comparing to rolled sheet pile L5-UM:

efficient use of steel. Charging by resistance moment rolled-and-welded sheet piles have 1,25 times more rational distribution of metal in the cross section of the wall than hot-rolled sheet piles which are base for manufacturing of the offered piles.

compact design allows to use transport the most efficiently for production delivery to its destination.

wide range of assortment allows to develop sheet piles by presented parameters.

large width of the sheet piles produced by LLC «Kuznetskie Metal Constructions» reduces the number of locks thanks for inserted part of flat bar, as a result weight of sheet pile, number of operations for locking and pile installation, water filtration, transportation costs, unloading costs, costs for installation and waterproofing. Energy costs are reduced in 1,8-3,2 times, time of building – in 2,6-3,8 times.

our sheet piles are provided with only one mounting hole and only of exact cut length. There is no scrap and cutoff part in piles we provide, which economies up to 10% of delivery costs.

there are strapping places that allow to arrange erecting works promptly.

the offered system of anticorrosive coating excludes need of anticorrosive treatment on sight.

«Larsen» locks proved by years allow to reuse sheet pile which economies up to 40-60% of metal, also closure of locks with U- and Z-profile produced by «Arcelor Group» is guaranteed.

The offered rolled-and-welded trough-shaped sheet piles were used at many construction object in such cities as Biysk, Tomsk, Kaltan, as well as in the construction of dams, engineering complexes, including building of abutments of bridge across the river Ob in the city of Novosibirsk and proved themselves good both from technical point of manufacturing of the sheet piles, and from point of its penetration characteristics.

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